Welcome to Studio 68. Where great ideas come to life!

• IDEATION: We can help you get that great idea out of your head and onto paper.
• CUSTOM ILLUSTRATION: We can liberate you from clipart and create custom graphics unique to your brand.
• PRESENTATION DESIGN: We can help you make that next PowerPoint really POP with some custom templates, charts, graphs and animations.
• BUSINESS GRAPHICS: We can create business graphics that clearly explain the complexities of your organization or product.
• CORPORATE ID and BRANDING: We can make your company and your products stand out in a crowd and stand together across multiple applications.

Studio 68 is here to provide thoughtful, innovative solutions to these and other creative challenges.

The new Fine Art Gallery includes personal and commissioned paintings. We'll be glad to create a special masterpiece just for you.

Please give us a look, then contact Russell Moore at